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The Proven Seminar-Based Road to Luxury Real Estate Success

Learning with good humor is essential.

Contact me for a wide variety of affordable speaking, coaching and training arrangements, from keynotes to custom-created in-house seminars. Group discounts available for one of my formal classes.

I teach key, but largely unknown, real estate sales techniques based on what is important to consumers buying and selling luxury homes.

I teach how to prospect for luxury listing opportunities, how to turn those leads into salable listings and bring those luxury listings to a successful closing.

Contact me for affordable classes, seminars, workshops and individual tutorial sessions that increase any agent’s bottom line quickly.  

Below are my three core seminars. Each can be contracted into a 20-45 minute keynote or expanded into a 3 hour session either for Continuing Education credit or as part of a morning or full day event.

Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate

The core seminar with rave reviews (see comments below). I throw out the gimmicks and get down to the essence of what motivates luxury buyers and sellers. You’ll learn exactly how to sell to the affluent and win in a market where sellers don’t have to sell and buyers don’t have to buy. You will also learn how to create a market for your luxury listings and how to orchestrate that market into getting the highest price, the quickest sale, or both for your luxury home sellers.

Duration 3 hrs (can be contracted to 20-45 minute keynote)

I throw out the gimmicks and get to what works.

“I use the luxury market as the laboratory for how to overcome the challenges to creating an urgency to act among those who lack it.”


Winning Listing Presentations, for life

Keynoting at Leaders in Luxury conference, Laguna Miguel, CA

Adopted from my book of the same name, this seminar gets to the core of how to win a luxury listing and how to keep winning throughout your career.  It covers what you need to do before you enter the living room, how to build rapport, the questions you must ask to determine motivation, objection handling and the best personal marketing package I’ve ever seen.

Duration: 3 hrs. (can be contracted to 20-45 minute keynote)


Power Prospecting for Luxury Real Estate Leads

In this jam-packed, fast moving session, I go through the daily actions  that  generate luxury leads. If you are not in the luxury market, this seminar will help get you there and enable you to stay there successfully. Highly specific take-aways for immediate action.

Duration 3 hrs. (can be contracted to 20-45 minute keynote).

Take a chance and see what your commission could be

What others are saying… (see also “Buzz”)

“Of all the tremendous speakers at the [Leaders in Luxury] conference, you were # 1. Your ideas are fabulous and I can’t wait to blow my competition out of the water.”

  -Barbara Haley, Keller Williams, Coconut Grove, FL.

“….consistently rated by his peers as one of the top presenters…”

 – Richard May, former head of Education, Coldwell Banker

“Your presentation at the Resort and Second Home Symposium was extraordinary!”

-John McAllister, Vice Chair, Realtors Auction Forum, Past Pres, Realtors Land Inst.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ for your outstanding presentation you gave to my firm [Coach Realtors, Long Island, New York]. Here are a few of the direct quotes from the online survey that was completed by the attendees:

Lawrence P. Finn III , COO, Coach Realtors.

  • “Loved the presenter, David, and I thought he gave really wonderful advice!”

  • “No longer afraid to go after the Luxury Market”

  • “Loved the speaker. Came away with great tips. Could be used in any price range. His message was perfect.”

  • “The speaker was very informative and hands on…very animated, not boring.”

  • “David gave great insight to the luxury buyers with very memorable analogies. Concisely and eloquently stated the ‘sole buyer syndrome’ and re-enforced the encouragement to bid.”

  • “Held my interest! Could have spent all day listening to David”

  • “For so long I have been wanting to break into the Luxury Market, and I feel that after attending the seminar yesterday, I will no longer be afraid to go after that market. I was up until 3 a.m. with ideas of what I am going to do now. I am so excited and so proud to be part of this company that offers such opportunities to grow for their agents and help them to reach their goals.”

 ”David is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered in the real estate business.  His presentation skills are superb…” 

               Robert Baraf, Senior VP, Cushman and Wakefield

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