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Rise above the pack and get yourself certified in the Power Marketing concepts that help consumers to get the highest price or the quickest sale.

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Tools to help you generate amazing leads.

Upscale prospecting and luxury lead generation made easy! This package contains a one year subscription to the Local Market Report, the National U.S. Housing Market Report and inclusion in the Directory of Market Experts. It positions you as your market's expert, as a greater-than-local expert and as a destination for agents' referrals, consumer calls and press inquiries. You also get to reinforce your professional marketing image with every email by having your own email account. With 100 "Gift for You" upscale postcards, you can direct mail a gift of a 30% discount on the consumer book for less than $0.50 a prospect. And most importantly, you position yourself as a Marketing Expert by giving that wealthy "person who has everything" a copy of Get Your Highest Price, my Pinnacle Award-winning, FIVE STAR book for consumers on how to get the highest price for their property. Prospecting is now easier than ever.

Products Included
Quarterly Market Report/ 1yr subscription $225
National Report $199
Inclusion In Directory of Market Experts $199
50 Pak: Get Your Highest Price: Power Marketing for Luxury Homeowners $699
Prospecting "Gift for you" Postcards, 100pk $20 email address $99
 TOTAL (if purchased individually)  $1,441  
 SAVE 44%  $799