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Quarterly Market Report/1 yr subscription

Rise above the pack and get yourself certified in the Power Marketing concepts that help consumers to get the highest price or the quickest sale.

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What it does for you

  • Easiest, simplest way to present yourself as the expert on your market.
  • Saves you days of time formatting data
  • Wows prospects, potential sellers, existing sellers and buyers
  • Perfect for press releases to build your name
  • Elegantly presented, quick and easy

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Determine which market you want to do a report on
  2. Go to your MLS and get 5 pieces of data for that market
  3. Enter your data where instructed

All calculations and formatting are done for you. Get a beautiful report in seconds to email your list or to print for mailings, presentations, sellers and buyers.

+ + PLUS + +

  • Enter multiple years to provide perspective
  • Automatically compare each quarter this year to last year and YTD
  • Formulas and calculations are all done for you. No math worries.


This is an annual subscription. Try it for 60 days. Cancel for any reason. No questions asked. At the end of one year your subscription will automatically renew.