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Rise above the pack and get yourself certified in the Power Marketing concepts that help consumers to get the highest price or the quickest sale.

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Want to position yourself as a greater-than-local real estate market expert? Looking for ways to stay in touch quarterly with your past clients and customers? Can you use some extra local press by providing them easy to reproduce data? Look no farther than this completely Done-for-You quarterly Market Report for the national real estate market!

Every quarter I use my Market Report program and input the data put out by the National Association of Realtors to produce a completely Done-for-You report. All you have to do is email it out to clients or print out copies for your own use. Excellent for working with buyers. Great content for your website. Perfect for listing presentations. This report goes back 20 years and helps consumer make sense of the data by putting it into a long-term perspective. It tracks unit sales, average price, median price and volume of sales for both Single Family and Condos/Coops. Now you can look like the expert you are with a greater than local perspective, but without time consuming research, creating charts, graphs and year-over-year comparisons. Instead, it's all Done-for-You.

This product is helpful for obtaining the Certified Power Marketer™ Designation