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First Update Letter to a Seller

Rise above the pack and get yourself certified in the Power Marketing concepts that help consumers to get the highest price or the quickest sale.

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All done for you, no more sitting in front of your computer for hours

  • It doesn't matter what you do if your seller doesn't know you did it. Now you can give homeowners the most thorough and comprehensive update letter ever, re-enforcing YOU as having the Power Marketing expertise they need.
  • The seller's First Update Letter is where you re-educate your client about everything you do to sell their home. It is also where you re-tell them why you are doing it. It connects all your actions, demonstrates your marketing expertise and your orchestrating abilities.
  • Perhaps most importantly it builds confidence in you and your marketing abilities, crucial for getting referrals and for keeping trust and confidence when dealing with offers.
  • This is one of those essential tools that defines you as a professional marketer. Don't be without it.
  • This is a one-time purchase. Once you customize it you can use it for your entire career.
This product is helpful for obtaining the Certified Power Marketer™ Designation