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Still using comparable sales and comparable listings to value a luxury home? Don't.

Luxury homeowners built or bought their homes because they were incomparable, not comparable. To speak in terms of "comparables" is to speak a foreign language they don't understand.

Luxury buyers can buy anything and don't care about past sales or how much others are asking. They want a deal. After all, they are probably cash buyers and smart. They want to buy something at a discount.

The solution: calculate the "core value" of a luxury property before you get into comparable sales and comparable listings. Why? Because the 'core value' is often higher than comparable listings, as explained in the Power Marketing and Get Your Highest Price books. That means you can offer the property at the discount luxury buyers demand.

  • Calculate a property's "core value" in minutes.
  • Talk to sellers in a language they understands while demonstrating value to agents and their buyers.
  • Unlimited use for one year.

This is an annual subscription. Try it for 30 days. Cancel for any reason. No questions asked. At the end of one year your subscription will automatically renew.

This product is helpful for obtaining the Certified Power Marketer™ Designation