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A tool to WOW sellers and buyers! A unique tool to set you apart from others.

The unique Home Appreciator tool allows you to enter past selling prices of a home, building, condo, land or anything and based upon a projected selling price, it instantly determines how the property has fared over time. With the rate of appreciation (or depreciation) in hand, you can then apply it to a property or town and provide buyers and sellers valuable insight for their decision-making.

  • Instantly calculate how much a home has gone up (or down) in value over time
  • Project what this means for future price trends
  • Keeps you abreast of how homes, condo buildings, areas of town or even cities have appreciated or depreciated.
  • Incredible tool for establishing your expertise on specific homes
  • Makes you a sought after "go to" person from an 'insider's' perspective
  • Just load the data and let the Home Appreciator do the work for you in seconds.
  • A unique tool that sets you apart.

This is an annual subscription. Try it for 30 days. Cancel for any reason. No questions asked. At the end of one year your subscription will automatically renew.