Private one-on-one coaching quick-starts your luxury career. David first gets to know your needs and learns about your market. He unearths your most pressing issues and stumbling blocks. He asks if you are new to the business or are a seasoned pro who wants to increase your average sales price. He works with you on your schedule, your scripts, your action plan, walking you down the road to becoming a luxury agent.

No one makes it into the luxury market alone - everyone needs a guide and mentor. Now you have one to get you there in record time. David provides you the important support and guidance so that you are never alone.

Let us help you take your business to the luxury level with a Business Plan Writer. David starts by learning about your goals and your market, whether you are a rookie or already a pro and want to get your average price up. He works with you on your schedule and talk you through becoming a top agent. No one makes it to the top alone and David provides you the support and confidence to get there.

"David Power Marketing techniques have been an absolute game changer for me. His strategies have propelled my sales volume to a whopping $100 Million per year. Even for the most seasoned pro, an investment in David’s materials is the most prudent investment any real estate agent can make, and will pay dividends for years to come. I operate in a highly competitive hyper-local market, and selfishly, would not want any of my competitors to benefit from these powerful strategies. In fact, David’s Power Marketing approach is so highly effective, I’ve withheld my name from this testimonial. Why? I am fearful my competitors might easily discover it, and therefore also gain the advantage of David’s strategies."

- A David student, disciple, grateful follower & private coaching client.

“I was a little skeptical. Many people claim they can help your business, but the proof is in the pudding. One coaching call with David and I'm on Top of the World! And, this is just the beginning...thank you, David! I love the idea that I'm building a solid foundation for my business. I am on solid ground.”

- Gina Saporito, Santa Clara, CA