Hey, thanks for wanting to know more about the first done-for-you luxury marketing system. It can help you raise your average sales price, or even own the luxury end of your real estate market.

This system reveals insights into selling luxury property so powerful, they even astonish long time agents in this niche.

Look what a recent $100M a year producer wrote me in the form of an “un-testimonial”

 “David’s strategies have propelled my sales volume to a whopping $100M per year. I don’t want any of my competitors to benefit from these powerful strategies and therefore I have asked David to withhold my name. I am fearful my competitors may discover his marketing approach and gain an advantage. But I will speak with anyone on the phone and highly recommend his complete system.”

                                  -A student, disciple and grateful follower

Or,  read this one that came in recently:

“I used David’s concepts to list a home and sell it for the highest MLS price in 4 years! And it sold for $100,000 more than other agents felt they could get.”

    -Ira Serkes, Berkeley, CA,  Pacific Union/Christies International R.E.

Or, consider what Matt O’Neill wrote below:

“David’s techniques got me 6 offers in one week. To say his materials have paid for themselves is an understatement. Plus, I just closed a luxury home that was deemed “unsaleable” because it had been on the market for 4 years with 5 different agents. Using David’s power marketing methods, I sold this home with a full price offer within 3 months. Incredible stuff.”

     -Matt O’Neill, RE/MAX Advanced Realty, Charleston, SC


“Awesome, David!”

      -Mary Anne Simmons, Principal, Premier Homes Services Group

Or, look what Bill Baughman wrote from La Quinta, CA:

“You have the most valuable luxury marketing system I have ever seen. Thank you!”

            -Bill Baughman, Fine Luxury Living Group, La Quinta, CA

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My name is David Michonski, and like you, I’m a licensed agent. For more than 30 years I’ve been selling luxury real estate including some of the most expensive and record setting properties for America’s first families, always using these proven strategies and techniques.

I’ve put together the first, easy-to-use, done-for-you luxury marketing system connecting secrets I have never found anywhere else. Here is just a small sample of what you get.

  • Simple easy-to-understand ways to make yourself the “market expert” and the “marketing expert”1

  • Systems that bring you luxury clients2

  • The confidence to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about your luxury market3

  • How to do Winning Listing Presentations, for life that empower sellers to ist with you4

  • A ‘done-for-you’ Marketing Plan that leaves even the CEO’s and celebrities wowed5

  • Marketing strategies that almost always get the highest price for your clients6

That’s just the beginning. As an agent who has sat in the living rooms of America’s wealthy, I can’t stress enough how there is no other system like this anywhere. Until now people have picked up tips here and there, but no one has created a comprehensive simple, easy-to-use proven system that gets results.

These are the same strategies and techniques that allowed me to enjoy a 93% track record of selling luxury listings.

They are the same ones that allowed me to appear on such TV shows as “High Net Worth,” “Wealth Track,” CNBC’s “Morning Call” and “Closing Bell” and even the “Today” Show with Matt Lauer and “Good Morning America.”


Now with this complete system of strategies and techniques,  you’ll know how to put yourself at the top of your local luxury market.

Here, in even more specific detail, is what this incredible system reveals.

  • How to set up your practice, even if you are a rookie.

  • Establish yourself as the ‘go to’ person for your luxury market.

  • The number one rule that absolutely, positively must be observed to get 5%, 10% even 20% more for your sellers.

  • A clumsy listing mistake that 90% of most agents make and how to quickly learn the inside secret of the 10% who don’t.

  • How to take the risk out of your sellers hiring you.

  • The biggest complaints consumers have with their agents, and how to avoid them.

  • Learn EXACTLY what consumers want you to say to win their listing.

  • 7 very specific ways to price a property to get it sold quickly and for the highest price.

  • The real reason top agents get hired over and over.

  • A complete done-for-you Update Letter that leaves your clients raving fans.

  • The techniques that sold a luxury home for full price, even though it was listed for 8 years without an offer.

  • 5 little magic words that get you through every objection and can endear you to the rich and powerful.

  • The one thing that will literally destroy your luxury career if you don’t avoid it.

By the way, the benefits I just mentioned are virtually impossible for most agents unless they know a very simple technique. It can literally save your relationship with a wealthy client. The problem is that it is still a mystery to probably 90% of most Realtors. It’s a shame, too, because this gets any agent out of the pits of mediocrity and to the top of the market in almost record time.

Here’s more of what this system will give you.

    • The amazing secret that eliminates the anxiety of doing listing presentations. This simple technique has been proven to work by the most successful salespeople.

    • A step-by-step guide to the questions that will make sellers almost beg to be your client.

    • How to make your listing last longer.

    • The ultimate secrets of where and how to meet the rich and get within their circle.

And the cost of my system is almost ridiculously low. Just one million dollar sale could provide you 10 or 20 times your initial investment.  And the system could give you a life-time of multi-million dollar listings and sales.  That is worth a fortune.  This system is so affordable it can pay for itself over and over. Even if you don’t want to focus on the luxury market, it can help you to raise your average price and make more sales.

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars building your practice and invest years of time, gnawing your way up the real estate ladder in your local market. But why would you? Especially when you can buy this complete system’s 14 parts and jump start your career?  And when you buy the whole system, you can get it for just over $100 a month! That means it costs you about 60 Cents a hour to, finally, get what you need to make it at the upper end of the market.

Sure, you can buy the parts individually for a total cost  of $2,462. If you want to buy it that way, please do. Or, go to my site and at absolute minimum buy the Get Your Highest Price book to learn what I am advising luxury consumers they should know to get the highest price for their luxury home and hold their agent’s feet to the fire.  For a $49 investment, it’s hard to lose. It costs less than getting your hair cut.

But for those who want everything in one place and want the fastest way to the top of selling higher-priced homes,  I’m offering an amazing deal for buying the whole system.

Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.And the whole system comes with an iron-clad 365 day money back guarantee. You can pack it up, send it back and get a full refund. No questions asked. Now that’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?  In addition you can pay with Pay Pal (see checkout page) and not pay anything for six months! Now that’s an offer.


I’ll tell you how to order in a second. But first, I can’t resist telling you just a tiny bit more of what’s you’ll learn.

  • What may be the reason the seller rejects you and how to turn that around on a dime.

  • How to get into luxury marketing even if you were born on the “other side of the tracks.” I know.  I was, but it doesn’t matter. You see, if you know the combination to the lock for the luxury market, it opens for anyone.

  • Foolproof ways to supercharge your open houses.

  • The ultra-secret technique to getting listings that almost no one uses.

  • Why many homeowners brighten when you tell them this.

There’s more—a lot more. I could go on and on. But by now, you get the idea. The plain fact is if you want to upgrade your practice to a world-class luxury marketing career, you must own my system and know these strategies and techniques. And there is nothing else.

And if you purchase the whole system, you don’t have to spend $2462.  Instead, subscribers to my COMPLETE system get everything for just one low price of

                     $1,231                  That’s a discount of 50%!

It means you can jump-start your business and, at last, know what you need for a successful luxury marketing career, all for just a little more than $100/month for  only 12 months! That’s less than a latte a day. I just can’t imagine a less expensive investment with a higher likely return.

BONUS: But included in this price is what I think is the most exciting opportunity ever offered to position yourself as the luxury authority in your local market. When you become one of my COMPLETE system subscribers, I will give you  a  lifetime $2,000 credit toward publishing your own customized local version of my consumer book,  Get Your Highest Price: Power Marketing for luxury Homeowners, with your picture on the cover,  co-authored with me.

Imagine yourself being your luxury market’s published author of how to get the highest price for area homeowners. Think of how you would stand out. To my knowledge no one has ever made such a book offer before, nor provided a better, more hassle free way you to establish luxury leadership.

This means that if you decide to take advantage of this BONUS, then the whole system is, in effect, FREE.

If you want to know how to enjoy a lifetime of luxury million dollar plus sales, all you do is enter your name and address and fill in your credit card information.  In days, you’ll be on your way to the luxury marketing career you have always dreamed of.

May you always be Power Marketing!


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Here is more of what others are saying about my Power Marketing techniques:

This book should become the ‘bible’ for all luxury agents; it’s that good. David gives away all his secrets of success and that is just like him to do.”

– Helen Woodbridge, agent for “Le Domaine Resistance”

“Lifetime Achievement Award”

– Manhattan Association of Realtors

David “…redefines the art of the transaction…inspires real estate professionals throughout the world…one of the most discerning voices of our industry.”

 Kevin B. Brown, Senior Vice President, Sotheby’s International Realty, NYC

 “100 Most Influential People in Real Estate”

– Inman News

Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

“It is hard to sit still as I read. It is so inspiring and has unlocked new marketing strategies, making me so much more productive in my own business. Everyone should read this book! It doesn’t matter whether or not you are in real estate…the information is great for every business! David has always been so generous in sharing his knowledge, and when writing this book, he gave 1000% to everyone interested in sales and marketing.”

– Denise Winters, Social Media Manager

“…gifted and talented … engaging … articulate, charismatic, innovative … the list of superlatives goes on and on…”

 – Miriam Lowe, Vice President, International Operations, National Association of Realtors.

“Top Ten Newsmakers of 2008″

– Trends Report

“David’s approach is motivational, tried and tested. He provides the strategy to increase earnings and, quite possibly, to change the way we do business. His guidance, inspiration, honesty and motivation ensures success and encourages us to become better Realtors. This book is for everyone, whether a beginner or a top producer.” 

– Ronnie Laiken, former President Coldwell Banker, New Jersey & Rockland County, NY.

“I learned key concepts about sales from David. He is brilliant. I am fortunate to have had the benefit of his knowledge and experience and his willingness to share it.”

– Jenet Levy, Licensed real estate agent, Halstead Property, New York City

 David is “a sharp entrepreneur, expert in his field, highest integrity and extremely creative. I’ve learned a great deal…”

 – Dan Hoffman, Owner, MF Networks, Inc.

“One of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals in the world today … a sought after expert … “

– Beth Makatura, VP, International Service and Operations, Realogy

“I am not surprised that David was named by Inman News as one of the ‘100 Most Influential people in Real Estate’. He is consistently rated by his peers as one of the top presenters…”

 – Richard May, former head of Education, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

“Top Ten Realtors in the US”

– Today’s Realtor Magazine

 “David is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered in the real estate business.  His presentation skills are superb…”

– Robert Baraf, Senior Vice President, Cushman and Wakefield

 David “drove unparalleled results for us…”

 – Neil Bader, Area Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

 “In an interesting and accurate way, David has articulated how to market unique and luxury properties. With concepts like ‘fill the room’, he explores the psychology of selling and address how incredibly small the luxury market really is.”

– Bill Andruss, Agent, Sotheby’s International Realty/Greenwich

(The abbreviations below refer to where these incredible benefits are found within the luxury marketing system)

PM Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate
GHP Getting the Highest Price
WLP Winning Listing Presentations.
LPS Listing Presentation Scripts
MR Market Report
MP The Luxury Marketing Plan
UL Sellers’ Update Letter
12BE 12 Business Essentials of every luxury listing agreement
CPC Core Pricing Calculator
HA Home Appreciator Application
GPC GHP gift postcards
EM PowerMarketing.pro email
YOB Your own book

    1. PM, GHP, CPC, GC, EM, YOB
    2. HAA, WLP, MR,GHP, YOB
    3. PM, WLP, LPS, CPC, YOB
    4. WLP. LPS, PM, UL, CPC, HA, YOB)
    5. MP, PM
    6. PM, GHP, MP
    7. PM
    8. PM,GHP, MP, GPC, EM, YOB
    9. PM, GHP, WLP
    10. WLP, PM
    11. WLP, PM
    12. PM,GHP,WLP
    13. PM
    14. PM,UL,MR
    15. WLP, LPW
    16. PM, GHP
    17. WLP, PM, GHP
    18. PM
    19. PM, UL
    20. PM, GHP
    21. WLP, LPS, PM
    22. WLP, LPS, PM, GHP, GHPPC, UL, MR, HA, YOB, MP, 12BE, CPC
    23. PM
    24. PM, WLP, LPS
    25. WLP, LPS, PM
    26. PM. LPS, WLP, GHP
    27. PM
    28. PM,LPS, WLP, GPC, UL
    29. PM, GHP, WLP, LPS, MR
    30. PM, WLP, LPS
    31. PM, MP, HA, CPC, EM, GPC, GHP
    32. PM, YOB, MR, HA, UL, MP,CPC,
    33. PM, GHP
    34. PM, GHP, WLP, LPS
    35. PM, GHP
    36. PM, WLP, LPS