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The marketing classic for ALL real estate marketing, especially luxury real estate.

FIVE STARS (out of 5) from independent rating service, Clarion Review. Pinnacle Award Winner. Possibly the best book ever written for those who want to raise their average sales price and join the club focused on the luxury real estate market. The book that gives you the secrets to marketing luxury homes and puts you within the insider’s club at the top of the real estate pyramid.

“This book should become the ‘bible’ for all luxury agents; it’s that good. David gives away all his secrets of success…”

    • The confidence to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about luxury marketing.
    • The marketing strategy that almost always get the highest price for your clients.
    • How to succeed even if you are a rookie.
    • Establish yourself as the ‘go to’ person for luxury market info (and marketing) expertise.
    • The clumsy listing mistakes 90% of agents make. The inside secrets of the 10% who don’t.
    • Fail-safe secrets of success. Those who know them almost never share them.
    • What consumers really want when they hire an agent.

  • 7 very specific steps to price a property and get it sold quickly for the best price.
  • The techniques that sold a luxury home for full price that was listed for 8 years without an offer.
  • The one thing that will literally destroy your luxury career if you don’t avoid it.
  • How you can make your listing last longer.
  • The secret to gaining access to the inner circle of the rich.
  • What may be the reason the seller rejects you and how to turn that around on a dime.
  • How to get into luxury marketing even if you were born on the “other side of the tracks.”
  • Foolproof ways to supercharge your open houses.

“Lifetime Achievement Award”

“David …redefines the art of the transaction…inspires real estate professionals throughout the world…one of the most discerning voices of our industry.”

“100 Most Influential People in Real Estate”

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