Do you know the biggest complaint sellers have with their agent?


Do you know how easy it is to resolve?


It’s me, David Michonski, your Power, and here’s what I’m hearing…
  • The North Carolina Real Estate Commission calls it one of the Top 10 Complaints against agents, and warns: … the agent’s real estate license and reputation are at stake.” 
  • On-line news source AGBeat said itsone of the top complaints lodged against real estate professionals.”
  • And real estate blogger Bill Gassett calls it the Number 1 Complaint against Realtors.”
Q: What is the seller’s biggest complaint?

A: Poor agent communication

And here’s the easy solution…

Keep them informed about what you are doing for them,”
says the Associate Legal Counsel for the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.
Yet,  over and over, we don’t. Why?
  • Often we feel the seller already knows everything we do (Wrong!) 
  • We are just not good at articulating what we’ve done.  (Now you won’t have to be). 
  • We are too busy to put together and write up all the things we have done. (Now you can do it in minutes)
  •  Or, maybe we have only bad news to convey and we just can’t bring ourselves to tell our clients. We fear they will blame us for the lack of showings, the lack of offers, the overpricing, right? (Now you can proudly show them how much you have done!)
Here is the easy, done-for-you solution.
For years I have used a template for the all-important First Update Letter to sellers. It saves enormous time and delights my clients.
Now, I am making it available to my subscribers.  All you do is choose the actions you have done, delete what you haven’t, customize the address and press send!

It saves you valuable time and reminds your seller of the important actions you do daily, saving you hours, making you look good, and solving the sellers’ biggest complaint with agents.The First Update Letter is the most important update letter. Done properly, it resells you to your client, something every agent must do constantly to keep a client’s trust and respect.Now you can give them the assurance that you have done everything necessary to get their home sold and WOW your seller with how much you do.

My First Update Letter is the companion piece to my Luxury Marketing Plan, another template that I have used for years with incredible success.

It can be easily adapted to any listing, anywhere..

Together they save you hours if not days of time, solve the consumer’s concerns and may even keep you on the safe side of your licensing commission. Here is what a recent purchaser wrote me:

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