Adopted from my book of the same name, this seminar gets to the core of how to win a luxury listing and how to keep winning throughout your career.  It covers what you need to do before you enter the living room, how to build rapport, the questions you must ask to determine motivation, objection handling and the best personal marketing package I’ve ever seen.

Prerequisite: Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate Course.

Duration is 2-3 hrs depending on Q&A.



This powerful but concise how-to guide is a ‘must have’ for every real estate agent because it sets out a new way for agents to win listings based upon the proven techniques of the greatest sales trainers combined with 30 years of hands-on, living room tested experiences. Here you’ll find over 100 of the exact scripts you need to build rapport with sellers. It offers deep insights into seller personality types, how to get at motivation, and how to control the psychology of the sale. It offers you a way to learn in advance of the presentation exactly what the seller wants you to say and do and exactly how to handle the transaction. Worried about objections? Here you’ll find a whole chapter on how to handle even the toughest objection, and win. Need a pre-listing package? Here’s a complete outline of the ‘best pre-listing package’ ever created, one that is designed to win sellers over before the agent even meets with them. At a time when consumers find it hard to distinguish one agent’s services from another, this incredible guide gives agents genuine differentiators that can separate any agent from the crowd. Whether you are a rookie or pro, this is the best new guide on how to win listings in any price range, at any time and anywhere. An instant classic that should be front and center on your desk or be reassuringly located always at your bedside.