$1,149 ($2,620 value, save $1,471)

Now you can have the only A-Z system to become a luxury real estate agent, whether you’re a rookie or an experienced agent trying to get to the next level. You can own the know-how, books, tools, techniques, courses and the coaching to accelerate where you want to be. This package includes everything you need.



How To Generate Luxury Leads

  • with a simple, easy to use, consumer Local Market Report
  • with a Done-for-You National Market Report
  • with the Power Prospecting Course: 25 ways to Generate Leads where you can expose your Local and National Market Reports to consumers and press, both in and outside your market.
  • with 50 Gift copies of the Pinnacle Book Award-winning Get Your Highest Price: Power Marketing for Luxury Homeowners book to give your high end prospects.

No one else has ever put it all together…

Here it is. Everything in one complete package. Now you can have what you need to successfully navigate the luxury market…

How To Win Luxury Listings…

  • Winning Listing Presentations, for Life book so you know what to do, what to say and when.
  • 10-pack of Listing Questionnaires, so your scripts are always at your fingertips.
  • Audio CDs of Winning Listings Presentations, so can hear the exact words and scripts even while driving and make them your own.
  • 10-pack of Winning Listing Presentation booklets so you have at your fingertips exactly what to say during the presentation.
  • Core Value Calculator to help you create the selling soundbites you need to win the listing and sell it. 1 yr subscription
  • Home Appreciator so you can WOW sellers and buyers with how a home or area has appreciated (or depreciated) vs another home or area. You get 1 yr subscription to this proprietary tool.
  • Winning Listing Presentations, for Life Course where you can learn the secret tips to a great listing presentation.

How to sell those Luxury Listings for the Highest Price.

  • Your personal copy of the Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate book, named the “bible” for luxury marketing.
  • The highly praised Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate Course where in less than 3 hours, it will all become clear and your confidence will soar.
  • The gift of the Get Your Highest Price book to give your seller clients so they know exactly the techniques you will use to get their property sold for the best price.
  • Three 30 minute one-on-one private Power Coaching calls so you are never going it alone.
  • One year of the Core Value Calculator, the best way to demonstrate value to buyers and agents and raise their comfort level to bid up.
Products Included
Power Marketing For Luxury Real Estate $49
Winning Listing Presentations, for Life $49
50-Pack of Get Your Highest Price Books $699
Power Tools
Quarterly Local Market Report $249
Quarterly done-for-you National Market Report $99
Core Value Calculator $99
Home Appreciator Calculator $99
Power Marketing for Luxury Real Estate Course $99
Winning Listing Presentations, for Life Course $99
Power Prospecting Course: 25 Ways to Generate Leads $99
Audio CDs
Winning Listing Presentations – Audio CDs $99
Three 30-minute Private Coaching Sessions $300
Listing Aids
10-pack of Listing Presentation Booklets $35
Bonus #1
Tele-coaching $199
Bonus #2
One year membership to Quigler $225
Bonus #3
Certified Power Marketer PMpro Designation 1 yr $99
 TOTAL (if purchased individually)  $2,620
 SAVE 56%  $1,149